Company Background

Land Matters llc is a dedicated firm built on honesty and integrity. In 2005 Land Matters was founded by Deborah S. Poeder, a real estate specialist, licensed broker and appraiser. A woman owned business, Land Matters provides right-of-way, easement acquisition, and other related project developmental land services. We service a variety of clients, including municipalities, townships, road commissions, engineering firms, public companies, and private development firms. By 2007, we are proud to have added two well respected Professional Engineers to our team as well as additional, highly motivated and skilled assistants. Our company is conscientious and dedicated to the governmental agencies, engineering firms, public companies and developers which we value as our loyal and satisfied clients.

Land Matters LLC is certified by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) for Activities Related to Real Estate.

In 2008 we were formally added to MDOT's Approved Consultant List for Acquisition & Relocation Services.  Both of these are prestigious classifications and we are pleased to share this news with you. We believe that these certifications  by MDOT will benefit our clients, and we remain positioned to meet your easement and right-of-way acquisition needs in a professional and efficient manner.

We handle all necessary components to meet federal and state guidelines to ensure timely acquisitions consistent with funding requirements.

Services provided by Land Matters include:

  • Estimates for acquisition costs for use in project planning
  • Review of engineering plans & drawings
  • Review of and coordination of titlework to ensure unclouded title
  • Coordination of survey, legal description & mapping work
  • Quality Control review of legal descriptions and maps
  • Coordination of necessary appraisals and legal services
  • Land valuations, recommendations, and project budgeting
  • Legal document preparation
  • Offers, negotiations & property settlements
  • Attachment “B” Right-of-Way Certification

Land Matters provides land acquisitions for private and public underground utilities, roads and intersections, trails, pedestrian sidewalks and pathways, bridges, railroads, and airports. Following is a sampling of these projects from deep in the ground to high in the sky.

The Tallman Creek Sanitary Sewer and the Indian Mill Creek Sanitary Sewer located in the Cities of Grand Rapids & Walker were two large underground utility projects. The projects included the replacement of trunk sewers through wetlands and creekbeds, City Parks, wooded lots and forests, agricultural fields, Norfolk Southern Railroad and Consumers Energy properties, as well as residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Approximately ninety easements were obtained for these projects. Construction on both projects began in 2006, and the final phases are expected to be complete by the end of 2008.

Surface ~ Vehicular
A street improvement and safety project in a heavily traveled corridor of 44th Street at the Ivanrest Avenue Intersection in the City of Grandville, a new roundabout at 68th Avenue and Randall Street in the City of Coopersville, and a new Industrial Road in the City of Zeeland, are examples of recent projects. In addition, boulevards and medians through a commercial corridor on South Westnedge Avenue in the City of Portage, and the widening of 28th Avenue in a predominately residential area in Georgetown Township are underway for construction starting in 2008. Throughout Ottawa County, clear vision corners were acquired for various intersection improvements and safety projects. These projects included funding from federal and state sources, safety grants, special assessments, local agency contributions, and private donations.

Surface ~ Pedestrian / Bicycle
Trail, pathway and sidewalk projects include the Northside Pathway, a 1.5 mile bike and wheelchair accessible trail in the vicinity of the Boone Drain in the City of Zeeland, the Leonard Street Bikepath in Grand Rapids Township through a residential area to area schools, the West Centre Sidewalk in the City of Portage along a residential and commercial corridor, and the Forest Hill Avenue & Crahen Avenue Bikepaths through primarily residential and educational areas in Grand Rapids Township.

Approximately thirty avigation easements were obtained for the Paul C. Miller Sparta Airport to control the airspace over the Runway Protection Zone for the expansion and reconstruction of the existing airport. A current project consists of the acquisition of land necessary for the Beaver Island Municipal Airport.

Additional examples of relevant projects are also included on individual resumes.